Question 29

In regards to Article 7, section 7.1 could you explain the generous Copyright terms granted on behalf of the Client for the Concept design, and what limitations exist for the Contractors concept design, if any? Usually the Copyright/Right of Use/Use of Work is site specific and not subject to modifications in any way without the authors consent.

(The Contractor hereby grants to the Client the authorization to exercise the right of use of the Work by all manners of use during the entire term of the copyright protection, without any restrictions, particularly territorial, time or number of uses, for any purposes whatsoever. Furthermore, the Contractor grants to the Client the licence to make any modifications, changes of and interferences into the Work, to process it, to combine it with other works, to further add to or further develop it, including the licence to make later modifications and changes of the redesign, in all of the above cases without author’s supervision right or additional approval or consent.)

The Copyright terms apply to competition designs and solutions provided by the architects for the competition only. Architects invited to the first round of the competition will receive a draft of the contract for architect’s work that will deal with the matter in a greater detail.